The vision of YOROCOIN is to offer simple, affordable, and effective mechanisms that would help each member of society combat climate change and invest in ourplanet. Our ambition is to help each individual and each organization make an impact effectively while becoming carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative. We believe that making a contribution to the environment should be affordable to anyone regardless of whether or not an individual or organization is capable of purchasing carbon credits. More than 10,000 of the biggest retailers around the world will join YOROCOIN with over 2 billion individual projects. Each retailer is readyto allocate a specific percentage of sales margin for environmental projects.

 Users will get sales margin from each purchase they make in the form of YRC tokens. When they reach the necessary amount, they will exchange them for carbon credits. This way each member of society will be able to help the planet simply by doing their regular shopping. YOROCOIN will connect people with the most impactful and reliable environmental projects around the world with the ultimate goal to reduce carbon emissions andmake positive changes to the environment. Meanwhile, we will ensure a secure and transparent ecosystem that motivates users to reduce their carbon emissions and rewards them for retiring their carbon credits. We want to help each person not only offset their carbon footprint but also measure their impact. Therefore, we will establish the first global loyalty program that verifies how impactful we all are. In it, users will be able to earn points for their environmental initiatives and track their impact.


The YOROCOIN ecosystem brings a true revolution to the carbon credits market by making carbon removal affordable for each member of society. We want to connect individuals and businesses with the goal to join our efforts and combat climate change together. We offer 3 effective scenarios where each individual and each organization can contribute to positive climate change.

1. Scenario

An organization wants to reduce its carbon footprint. To do this, they can purchase carbon credits on the YOROCOIN platformchoosing from hundreds of credible environmental projects that make an impact. Moreover, individuals shall understand that practically any item they use on a daily basis (clothing, furniture) was made causing carbon emissions. Therefore, environmentally-conscious individuals can purchase carbon credits on YOROCOIN to offset their carbon footprint.

2. Scenario

An individual wants to contribute to climate change, yet they cannot afford to purchase a carbon credit. We’ve got it covered by implementing an online shopping widget. We will partner with 10,000+ of the world's retailers that will allocate a specific sales margin from each purchase on impact projects. This sales margin will be converted to YRC tokens and stored in the user account. When there are enough YRC tokens, users can redeem carbon credits from the platform. Users can also shop the traditional way with our app and accumulate a sales margin from all their purchases. This way each person will be able to make an impact while doing their regular shopping and purchasing from their favorite brands

3. Scenario

A retail brand or a service provider wants to solve the environmental issues we’re facing today. To do this, they can simply connect their online or offline store to the project and allocate a specific sales margin that would go to impact projects. As a result, retailers and service providers will be able to make a positive impact on the environment without making any specific changes in their business model.



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We are proud to support ingenuity in all its forms and the YOROCOIN community is made up of talented individuals who have united to build something remarkable. We support this by cultivating an environment which encourages creativity and growth. We actively encourage our members to create, in whatever media they prefer, unique expressions of creativity.

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In addition to community created content, YOROCOIN also have exclusive NFT artwork which can be collected, traded or just held.